During the summer period, come and (re)discover a selection of European films around the theme of exploration and freedom, human and cultural encounters.
Four giant televisions, installed for the occasion in the Leopold Park at nightfall, will simultaneously broadcast a different film every Wednesday and Saturday evening, in the original version, with subtitles in as many languages as there are screens... There will be something for everyone... and for every language!
In order to respect the sanitary measures in place, there are no stands this year, but a placement on the ground, in the grass, which will respect the physical safety distances in case it would be necessary if the virus would come back.
So feel free to bring blankets or plaids to settle in as well as drinks and other snacks to make the experience as comfortable as possible!

The attending is free and open to all. You just need to register to reserve your place.
You will be able to register online, the morning of the event, via our facebook page.

Wednesday 07/07 and Saturday 10/07

The Angels' share

VO: Scottish - ST: Spanish, French, Italian

Wednesday 14/07 and Saturday 17/07

Adults In The Room

VO: multilingual (English, French, Greek, German…) - ST: English, Spanish, French

Wednesday 11/08 and saturday 14/08

Hors Normes

VO: French - ST: German, English, Finnish, Dutch

Wednesday 18/08 and Saturday 21/08

Martin Eden

VO: Italian, ST English, French, Dutch and Spanish