During the summer period, every Wednesday, from 17:30 (for the games), 19:30 (for the film).


In the Parc Léopold, at the kiosk at the rue Belliard entrance. It is in this kiosk that you will find our kiosk attendant, at your service to reserve your tickets, to help you to place yourself and to inform you about the project!", par "In the Parc Léopold/Leopoldpark, at the Kiosk at the entrance from the rue Belliard/Belliardstraat. It is in this Kiosk that you will find our Kiosk attendant, at your service to reserve your tickets, to help you to find a place on the grass and to inform you about the project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for screenings in Leopold Park?

No, everything we offer is free and suitable for all ages!

Do I have to register for film screenings?

A reservation system allows everyone to be sure to have a place. Every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00, you will find a link on our Facebook page to register for free.

What time does the session start?

The session starts at 7.30 pm. Be on time or risk losing your seat! If you arrive after the start of the film, your seat may be given to someone who did not have the opportunity to book...

Should we plan ahead?

In order to ensure a better seat near the screen, we advise you to come a little early: 20 minutes should be enough.

Is the film shown if it rains?

Unfortunately, if it rains (even a little), we can't provide the cinema session in the park, as this could cause you to catch a cold and damage the equipment. You will of course be informed on the day of any postponement or cancellation.

In which languages are the films shown? What about subtitles?

Showing films in their original language is something we feel strongly about. As far as subtitles are concerned, 2 languages will be offered.

Do I need a blanket?

The end of the evening can be chilly! For those of you who are a bit chilly, don't hesitate to bring your blanket!

Are pets allowed?

Yes, if your pet is also a movie lover and calm, it is welcome!

Can I bring food or drink?

Of course! There are no catering facilities linked to the project, so you can bring your own picnic and drinks while respecting the peace and quiet of your spectator neighbours. We count on you not to leave anything on the grass after you leave...Thank you!

Are there toilets at the screening venues?

Unfortunately, there are no public toilets in the park... However, you can always try your luck in the nearby shops!

Are the sessions accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, just like the rest of the park. Please let us know if you have any special needs.